POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #41

POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #41Lives Real and Imagined #41
Bozeman, Montana


4 thoughts on “POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #41”

  1. Thank you for doing all it takes to share your images. I appreciate and enjoy viewing them. The combined mix of the visitors outside the beer stand and the iconic image of the Texas cow chick wannabe with a backdrop of caddies, pickups, tumbleweeds, vultures and a dead armadillo starts my day off with a smile. Lives real and imagined, indeed.

    1. Glad I could help get your day off to a good start Steve. Not that it matters, but the building was actually some kind of a fun house for kids at the county fair. The murals definitely seem more appropriate for a beer hall.

    1. Actually, according to Alabama lore, the possum is the only animal that’s born dead. (That’s a road-kill joke for those of you who are wondering.)

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