POTD: If Day Was Night #2

POTD: If Day Was Night #2If Day Was Night and Black Was White #2
Bozeman, Montana


4 thoughts on “POTD: If Day Was Night #2”

  1. Only after seeing today’s image did I realize that there is a “corvis” shadow in yesterday’s post! 🙂 Sneaky!

    I like both these images, though maybe yesterday’s slightly better because the central image seems better camouflaged.

    1. I was a bit worried about the raven going unnoticed yesterday, apparently for good reason! It’s interesting you didn’t see it, yet like it more (or at least better than today’s) once you realized it was there.

  2. I do like this image, but I’m always intrigued by photos that make me look again and notice something new. That’s why I give the nod to yesterday’s photo over today’s but is no negative reflection on this work.

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