POTD: Combat #3

POTD: Combat #3Combat #3
Bozeman, Montana


4 thoughts on “POTD: Combat #3”

  1. These winged attacks are striking (no pun intended)! 🙂 Wonderful that you can capture them. The wing and feather detail in this one is fantastic.

    1. Thanks Kathy. When I can shoot with a fast enough shutter speed, hold the camera steady enough and the birds aren’t flying excessively fast, the Sigma lens I’m using can produce some amazingly detail results, even at the long end (600mm). Unfortunately that combination occurs at less frequent intervals than I would like.

  2. Photographing rapidly moving & changing subjects, especially with a very long lens like the 600mm, is one of the most difficult types of photography, in my opinion! I’m glad for the keepers you do achieve! 🙂

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