POTD: Divining Intention

POTD: Divining IntentionDivining Intention
Bozeman, Montana

This magpie seemed to be trying to figure out my intentions toward it. Two possibilities were I’m sure of most interest: did I have any food, and was I going to try to harm it.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Divining Intention”

    1. Thanks Carol. Those are nice dog and cat portraits but a little too “portraity” for my tastes. Their formality suggests they are made solely for the pleasure of the pets owner. I suppose some of my bird portraits approach that formal look but still keep a spontaneity to them that I think these pet portraits lack.

  1. This is a striking portrait of a magpie! You’ve really captured their bold inquisitiveness! Love the soft catchlight reflecting the sky and the beautiful feathers that seem almost like fur! Well Done!

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