POTD: Measures of Anonymity #29

POTD: Measures of Anonymity #29Measures of Anonymity #29
Denver, Colorado


3 thoughts on “POTD: Measures of Anonymity #29”

  1. Did this series used to have a different title? I know it’s about all the regular grid of modern, anonymous structures. But maybe my memory’s faulty! 😉

    1. Kathy, this series evolved from a previous series called Gridlock, which didn’t necessarily refer to buildings like this one does. If you search on the blog, you’ll come up, not surprisingly, with 29 in the Anonymity series, the first of which explains it’s genesis or should I say evolution from the Gridlock series. If you search on Gridlock, you’ll come up with a few hits from the last of the series (the earlier posts in that series predate the switch to the WordPress blog format I use now). Strangely enough there are two #16s in the Gridlock series–I must of lost track of the sequencing.

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