POTD: Wet Spring #10

POTD: Wet Spring #10Wet Spring #10
Bozeman, Montana

I guess it’s kind of a stretch to include this image in this series, but this is in fact a photo of our wet spring. It’s a composite image I made from a shot of raindrops hanging off the bottom of the railing on the balcony at our house. I’m not sure what prompted me to mess with the image this way, just following one of those wild hair impulses I guess.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Wet Spring #10”

  1. A great abstract! I always like to try to find the original frame within these kinds of photos. A reverse puzzle if you will!

  2. I think this is beautiful. Simple. Charming. Peaceful.

    There are probably other adjectives I could use, but I’ll keep it simple like the photo. 😉

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