POTD: Kudzu Castle

POTD: Kudzu CastleKudzu Castle
Birmingham, Alabama

This is actually an old building that was part of the coal mining complex on Red Mountain in Birmingham, but it has the look of an ancient palace or castle. If you’re familiar with kudzu, you probably realize that in the summertime this building, as well as the grounds and trees surrounding it are completely draped in vines.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Kudzu Castle”

  1. This castle feels very mysterious, like something out of a very old fairy tale or Arthurian legend. I like this very much. Maybe you could combine it with one of your more mysterious crow photos, like the blurred one flying through the forest….

    Kudzu looks much better without its leaves! When it’s alive, and overtaking everything, it feels creepy…no pun intended!

    1. Kathy, a crow (or two or three or a murder) might be just the thing to composite this photo with. Too bad I took it in full daylight. The right treatment in Photoshop might give it more of a twilight look though, one that would look good with the crows.

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