POTD: Downward-Facing Raven

POTD: Downward-Facing RavenDownward-Facing Raven Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

Several times during my artist residency, I spent time on Hubbell Hill on windy days to photograph passing ravens. When they hit the turbulence and updrafts at the top of the hill they would often perform acrobatics; diving straight down for a bit, flying upside down in barrel rolls, scrapping with each other and otherwise inventing what could have been dynamic aerial yoga positions.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Downward-Facing Raven”

  1. This crow image fits well with your other collections. And your words are evocative of their antics. Have you ever considered doing video of these aerial acrobatics?

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’ve not really had any interest in pursuing video for some reason. Maybe still shots are all I can handle artistically. Not even sure how I’d proceed to do a video work.

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