POTD: Night Watch

POTD: Night WatchNight Watch Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

The scarecrow at Hubbell prepares to guard it’s fallow garden plot from things that go bump in the night. Given the construction of the scarecrow, an obvious name for this photo came to mind, but I did not use it as I believe it would be considered a derogatory term to many (although it was used as the title for a novel and a subsequent indie movie).  ]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Night Watch”

  1. The mood of this lighting is evocative for me, especially because I have family living very close to where a tornado devestated a small town in Illinois yesterday! BTW, you’ll have to email me the derogatory term for the title. I have no idea! 😉

    1. Kathy, I had not heard there was a tornado anywhere yesterday. Kind of late in the season it seems. I’m glad your family was not in the middle of it. I can see how the lighting in this photo somewhat suggests a big storm coming. In reality it was just a harmless cloud bank accenting the magic hour lighting at sunset.

  2. I see what Kathy means in her comment and agree. Yesterday’s title may be what saved a lot of people. An EF-4 tornado ripped through Washington Illinois yesterday. It approached at 60 mph and devastated entire neighborhoods. A canceled check from Washington was found in a back yard near where I live. Washington is about 130 miles away from me. Late in the season, yes, but not unheard of around here.

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