POTD: Dualities #6

POTD: Dualities #6Dualities #6 Hubbell Trading Post, Arizona 2013

The pot  is in the Hubbell house, the grass rings are at the base of Hubbell Hill. I asked the folks at the Trading Post if they knew what caused the grass circles. The best answer (in terms of entertainment value, not accuracy) was some kind of alien crop circle.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Dualities #6”

  1. Well that’s cool. This is turning out to be a very interesting project. Can’t remember if you mentioned that you saw the similarities when shooting the photos or paired them up later.

    1. Thanks Betty. The images were paired up after the fact. I don’t remember which I started with but it was just that the shapes in one image reminded me of that in another and so I paired them up. I had thought about doing something along this line for some time, pairing images that is, although not always just because of the shapes but also because of other interesting relationships between the two. Once I got started on this for the Hubbell images I just got carried away. I think all the images stand alone well enough, but they’re just more interesting (on different dimensions than when they stand alone perhaps) when paired.

  2. Well one thing you can say is that your selection of dualities is better than what google’s image search will do. I took the crop circle photo you did, and used the google image search to see if there were other images similar to it. The first image that popped up was a photo from the bottom of the Disney World’s spaceship earth. I tried to put that link below, as a shorted bit.ly link, but it seems to be showing different images and they are even further from showing any similarities than the first google image search.

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