POTD: Big Damn Country

Big Damn Country Big Timber, Montana 2012

Back in the last century when I first knew the Fashion Queen and before she became Dr. Fashion Queen I went to her baccalaureate graduation ceremony. Other than there only being about 30 people in her graduating class at Alaska Pacific University, about the only thing I remember from that occasion was the story the keynote speaker told. Actually I only remember the punch line not the entire plot which had something to do with Teddy Roosevelt and a friend who liked to get out and ride around in the expanses of the American West. But it was entertaining and the punch line was a quote attributed to Teddy Roosevelt when he and his friend rode up to the brow of a hill overlooking a vast scene. Reacting to the view, Teddy said “Big damn country” to which his friend replied “Good to get out.” Every since then, whenever I come over the brow of a hill while out driving around and am confronted by a scene such as this view of the Crazy Mountains near Big Timber, I will say to myself or the Fashion Queen if she is with me “Big Damn Country” to which she will reply “Good to get out.” How’s that for the lasting benefits of a college education.]]>

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    1. Thanks Judy. In general I’d rate my photography skills higher (by quite a bit) than my writing skills. But it’s good to know they match up from time to time.

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