POTD: Pigment Peeper

Pigment Peeper
Chicago, Illinois

In digital photography there is a name for someone who spends a lot of time zooming in on photographs on their computer screen looking at extreme details not visible when viewed from a normal distance–they are called pixel peepers. This young woman appears to be doing the painter’s equivalent with this oil painting.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Pigment Peeper”

    1. Thanks Betty. Yes, she was taking notes. Since the Art Institute of Chicago is, well, an institute (it has a school attached to it), you typically see student types wandering around examining the art in detail–I presume for class assignments.

  1. I am one of these, and it sometimes earns me stern looks from security guards. If there is a yellow line on the floor, I will undoubtedly be the one leaning over it. Maybe they are more used to us at the Art Institute’s museum and why I have always enjoyed visiting there 🙂

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