POTD: Yellow Monkey-Flower

Yellow Monkey-Flower
Bozeman, Montana

Monkey-Flower really likes to keep it’s feet wet. This patch is growing in the overflow of one of our spring boxes.

After more than a month of being on this flower-posting binge, I still have a number of photos of flower varieties that I haven’t used and there are even more varieties I haven’t photographed yet. But, I’ve decided to end the flower series and move on to other topics for now. Maybe I’ll take up the flowers again in the middle of winter when some bursts of living color will be sorely needed around here. In the meantime, while I’ve received quite a lot comments from people enjoying this change from my more normal fare, I’m afraid the POTDs are going back to mostly black and white images of more eclectic subjects (‘cuz a guys’ gotta do what a guy’s gotta do).

1 thought on “POTD: Yellow Monkey-Flower”

  1. Doesn’t look at all like a yellow monkey to me!! I’ve really enjoyed the colorful flowers but I understand…

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