Kids vs. Art

I don’t have kids so who am I to know what role they play in a parent’s self-identity, in particular how a parent reconciles or balances their hopes for their children with their hopes for themselves. But, as a childless adult, I have generally assumed (perhaps just to justify my own situation) that there has to be more to the “meaning of life” than just perpetuating the species. Which means, I guess, that in order to live a complete life as a parent you have to have aspirations for yourself independent of those you have in regard to your role as a parent. So what’s that got to do with photography or art? Well, read this and see on persons idea on the subject:

A Little Too Late

A little while back I juried the undergraduate art show at Montana State University. When we (the two jurors) viewed the potential entries into the show, they were all lined up in rows on the floor of a large studio, and we walked up and down the rows to view and pick out the prints for the exhibit. While that’s an interesting way to view photos, (I actually do that at home sometimes when I’ve got a lot of prints and no wall space), I was interested in seeing the collection we selected when it was actually hanging in the gallery later on.

I was told that the exhibit would be “up through Friday,” so Friday about noon I showed up along with my wife to see the exhibit. We were disappointed to find that the photos had already been removed. All that remained was the jurors’ statement on a post next to the entrance and the photo name tags hanging around the room next to where each photo had previously hung. Believe it or not, we actually walked(quickly) around the gallery reading the name tags and looking at the blank spaces on the wall. It was like we were viewing some inadvertent work of conceptual art–the photography exhibit in which there were no photographs. Reminds me of the Todd Snider song about the grunge rock band that refused to sing songs:

Art Fair Preparations

I just spent the day matting and framing some prints for my first outdoor art show of the year in St. Louis about a month from now. It’s hard to imagine sitting in a booth at an outdoor art fair when it’s been snowing all day here. And I was just noticing my skin is so winter white I’m going to blind folks coming into my booth if it’s warm enough to wear shorts!

What’s Your Color IQ?

Test Your Color Vision Online with X-Rite

Take the X-Rite online color challenge and see how well you see color.  You might be surprised at the results.  1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.

Take the test here.

The online test is a rendering of the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test.

According to the X-Rite website, “The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test itself is used to separate persons with normal color vision into classes of superior, average and low color discrimination and to measure the zones of color confusion of color defective people.”

I just took the test and scored a 4. Zero is a perfect score with 1272 being the worst value for people my age and sex. I guess that qualifies me to be a color photographer, but still I prefer black and white.

You can’t always get what you want

It’s been a struggle for me to get this blog, customized slightly, up and running on my website. The basic blog setup was pretty easy, but even the minimal customizing I did took some deciphering of the php language, which I know nothing about. It seems to be similar to, but even more cryptic and frustrating than html, which I also know essentially nothing about.

Although very frustrating, the process of discovery and error I followed to figure out how to make the changes I wanted in the format of this blog was fun in a challenging sort of way. It’s the kind of logical puzzle work they say helps stave off Alzheimer’s so I got that benefit in addition to the small satisfaction from finally getting it the way I wanted–at least sort of. I actually wished it were a better match the look of my website, but this will do for now. Time to focus on content rather than form for a while.

I talk too much

I’ve been using my Larry Blackwood Photography page on Facebook to post some occasional comments and observations I have about photography, art, and whatever else is on my mind. But Facebook is really designed for short posts, and I tend to be long winded. I talk too much you might say. You can do a longer post under the Notes section in Facebook, and I’ve been doing that. But after a while I kept thinking, if I’m doing that many long posts, I really ought to be doing a blog. So….here we are.

I plan on publishing the same things I write on this blog to the Notes section of my Facebook page–just as soon as I figure out how to do that. So if you follow me on Facebook, there will generally be no need to also follow this blog. At least assuming I can figure out how to get Facebook to automatically create Notes from my blog posts, something that requires RSS, yet another technology I know essentially nothing about. Should be interesting.