I’m Going to Jail!

Well, sort of. My exhibit Synthesizing Icons will be on display all this summer at the PEN Art Gallery (that’s PEN as in penitentiary)  at the Old Montana Prison and Auto Museum Complex in Deer Lodge, MT and I’ll be there for the opening on May 30. The PEN Gallery (as are the other museums in the complex), is run by the Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation and is housed in the old prison administration building across the street from the main entrance to the old prison. I’m sure I’ll have a good time at the opening and hope they’ll let me out on parole later that night!


6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Jail!”

  1. Congratulations! (Whoever said congratulations to someone going to jail???). I would enjoy seeing your work up on the walls, but I’ll just have to imagine it. .

    1. Thanks Carol, and regarding going to jail being worthy of congratulations, it just goes to show you that some prison reform efforts really work!

  2. Congratulations, Larry! Are these images the same as ones on display at the Holter Museum in Helena in 2021? I enjoyed that exhibit…and my first excursion away from home during COVID.

    1. Thanks Kathy. Many of these images are the same as what you saw in Helena, but about half or so are newer images that were not in that exhibition. So it might be worth a trip over to Deer Lodge for you. And thanks for going to the exhibit in Helena. I had the great misfortune for my MAGDA traveling exhibit to start just when covid hit, so attendance at the early locations especially was way, way down. It had picked up quite a bit by the time it got to Helena thank goodness.

      1. Thanks for the update, Larry! It will be worth a trip to Deer Lodge because I’ve never visited the Old Prison & Auto museum, though I have enjoyed visiting Grant-Kohrs Ranch.

        1. Funny, we’re the same way; been to Grant-Khors Ranch but not the museums. We’re planning on remedying that when we’re there next week. We’ve lived in Montana 42 years now so I guess it’s about time.

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