POTD: The Pond–Sunset

The Pond–Sunset
Bozeman, Montana

I’ve told this story before at least once, with a different photo every time, but it’s worth repeating I think (at least for me). Every time I happen to glance out across the pond from our mountain house at just the right time of evening and see the reflection of the trees across the way, I am pleasantly reminded of Edward Steichen’s 1904 photograph titled The Pond–Moonlight, one of my favorite historic photographs. Occasionally, I will give in to photographing the reflections I am seeing in our pond, in tribute to Steichen if for no other reason. This is one of my favorite photos of our own pond as I like the way the reflected tree trunks are tightly framed by the over hanging branches and dried cattails and grasses growing around the edge of the pond.

4 thoughts on “POTD: The Pond–Sunset”

    1. I believe I remember reading about the Steichen/Sanburg connection some time back, although I can’t say I could have told you that without being prompted. A couple of decades ago I bought 3 photogravures of Steichen images from the Aperture Foundation who owns most if not all of his negatives. I would have bought The Pond–Moonlight as well if it had been available. In fact it would have been my second choice to his photo of the Flatiron Building in NYC, which I was able to get.

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