POTD: Triggers

American Prairie, Montana

Nothing particularly special about this sunset photo. In fact it’s quite mundane–except that it triggered some memories for me (as photos, smells, sounds, etc. often do). In particular the colors and the trees reminded me of a photo I still have tucked away somewhere of a very similar sunset view looking up the hill to the west from the front porch of my grandparent’s house on their farm outside of Lyndon, Kansas many years ago. That blurry old photo in and of itself is even less special than this one, except to me, because whenever I happen to come across it, it reminds me of all the good family times and adventures that were spent at that farm decades ago.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Triggers”

    1. Hah, that video in itself can trigger a line of falling dominoes. Funny, back in the day I was not a fan of the Talking Heads at all. But now, well I find I’m enjoying that video quite a bit.

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