POTD: Out of Context #2

Out of Context #2
Tucson, Arizona

While in general, I thought yesterday’s POTD to be quite “Hopperesque” in feel, I felt it lacked the typical lone person featured in many of Hopper’s paintings. But when I looked closer at the building, I saw this in one of the upper floor windows.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Out of Context #2”

  1. That person is calling the police because of the strange and suspicious person lurking around the building taking pictures.

    I do like like this photograph very much.

    1. You may think that’s a joke, but it’s actually happened to me more than once before. For example, I had the local sheriff and later the FBI come talk to me after I photographed an oil refinery that just happened to receive a bomb threat around the same time. Even though I was outside the gate, the security guard apparently turned in my license plate number.

  2. Stephen E Johnson

    Too bad that the photo was taken in daytime. The intersection may have been lit with the Hopper-esque streetlights and the girl’s cellphone might have illuminated her. Light enough to have her be the focus of the photo and still capture the total facade (merriam-webster says its still a word) of the old building.

    1. Perhaps that’s a major rework I could tackle if I ever found myself lacking a photo project. There is/was a photographer in recent years that was getting some press for a project in which they recreated or at least closely imitated Hopper paintings using live models and appropriate architecture and furnishings. They were actually quite impressive–not particularly creative in the most artistic sense but impressive nonetheless.

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