POTD: The Walls Have Eyes

The Walls Have Eyes
Sand Island Campground, Utah

Without too much trouble, I can see a partially finished sculpture of a raven carved into this wall. The bird’s beak is pointing to the right his eye and eyelid are on the left. The smaller hole on the right? Well, that’s actually just a piece of food he has clamped in his beak.

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Walls Have Eyes”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    I came up with an allosaurus, the small hole representing the nostril and the extruding slab below the large hole (eye) the cheek or upper jaw muscle and the darker layer near the bottom the side of the upper lip. Can’t see the hole head cause he’s just so darn big. Is this one of those tests where it changes into a beautiful young girl?

    1. Well, birds and dinosaurs are related so I think we were both on the same track. I can’t see any beautiful girl though.🤔

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