POTD: Going Nowhere to Get Everywhere

Going Nowhere to Get Everywhere
Patagonia, Arizona

It’s hard to tell from this photograph, but the top of that ladder is maybe 20-30 feet from the nearest branch on that tree, or anything else for that matter. So climbing it would get you nowhere except, of course, to the top of the ladder. But on top of the ladder is a small platform with a satellite or similar type of internet receiver, from which you can get pretty much anywhere you’d like to be, in a virtual sense anyway.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Going Nowhere to Get Everywhere”

  1. Your title reminds me of a phrase I once heard from a retired person with lots of time on his hands – not someone you know ;< – "I've got nowhere to go and all day to get there"

    1. I could use some more time on my hands as the older I get the more often I seem to spend all day trying to achieve something with little to show for the effort at the end of the day!

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