POTD: Genesis

Bozeman, Montana

A new composite image I’ve been working on. It’s probably not done yet although I’m not sure what changes I want to make to it.


6 thoughts on “POTD: Genesis”

  1. I like this. I like that the reflection in the water diesn’t reflect the dislocated moon shape. I like the slightly disturbed serenity of the piece. I am wondering what changes if any you’ll make to it.

    1. Thanks Carol. I had not thought of the moon reflecting in the water. It might be the case (in this made-up world) that the glow from the monolith itself would render any glow from the moon not particularly visible. Who knows? 🙂 As far as changes, my original thought was to include an animal or animals in the lower left quadrant of the image. So far I’ve toyed around with some crows (of course) or a string of bison wading across the river. So far I’ve not been that happy with how that effort went. I am thinking more and more it may be complete sans-animals as it stands now.

  2. In my last comment, I meant “doesn’t”. You probably already knew that. Got to quit being so lazy and go to my computer, instead of using my phone. At least most mistakes done on my computer are my fault. On second thought, it’s probably best to continue using my phone so I can blame it for spelling errors.

    Anyway, I actually think this is complete as is. Something in the lower corner would distract me from the center where all the action is. But maybe that wouldn’t be a problem…

    1. Hah, I like the idea of using a phone rather than the computer to type messages. “It was the phone’s fault” is a more plausible than blaming it on the computer. My phone seems to like to rewrite my sentences even when all the words are spelled right.

      Yeah, the reason there are no animals in the image (yet anyway) is not only because I did not like the way any of them blended in to the surroundings but I was also getting the feeling they would be a distraction, as you mentioned.

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