POTD: Winter Shapes #2

Winter Shapes #2
Moser Creek, Montana


2 thoughts on “POTD: Winter Shapes #2”

  1. I too love the forms snow takes. I think I like the photo from yesterday (#1) better than this one. I like the off center placement of the depression/hole and the way the lines lead to it. In today’s image I feel like those bits of snow, which might be animal tracks? are more of a distraction than a leading line. Just editorializing…;-)

    1. Thanks for your comments. Those bits of snow were, I believe, little balls of snow that had rolled down the hill to settle in the depression. The interesting thing is that their tracks (if in fact they arrived that way) had been completely obliterated by recent new snow, making them look as if they appeared there on their own. As for them being a distraction, I felt they added an interesting counterpoint to the otherwise very smooth surroundings and also that, as you suggested, they served as a leading line. One viewer’s counterpoint is another’s distraction! They were not nearly the distraction as I created when I fell over in the snow next to them trying to get at just the right angle for the shot. After wallowing in the soft, deep snow for quite a while trying to get my skis back under me, I left a very unsightly wallow in the otherwise pristine snow.

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