POTD: Feed Me!

POTD: Feed Me!Feed Me!
Bozeman, Montana

The crow on the right is the same one that was in the “Black Angel” post from the other day. It was relentlessly chasing the other crow, doing all the strutting and wing waving (all while squawking like crazy) as a means of pestering it to share the food it had found in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant.

I thought this behavior was a bit odd for adult crows, but when I researched it I found that young crows just out of the nest are almost indistinguishable in size from their parents and that the parents will continue to feed the juveniles for some time after they leave the nest. All the same, for the amount of pestering it needed to do to get the parent to finally part with the food, it seems like it would have been easier just to find its own stray french fry or whatever to pick at.

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