POTD: The Faithful

POTD: The FaithfulThe Faithful
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I like to go to Yellowstone Park to get away from things (as much as possible) and to see wildlife and of course the thermal features. That’s why I don’t go there in the summertime–except when visiting relatives requires it. This photo was taken at Old Faithful in late June when the Fashion Queen’s cousin was visiting. We were definitely not getting away from things, or at least away from people. Mind you this was a rainy day when many people chose to not stand out in the drizzle waiting for the geyser to go off.

2015 saw a record 4,000,000+ visitors in Yellowstone. Attendance this year is surpassing 2015 so far, perhaps in part due to it being the 100th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, the first park in the National Park system. In general, I’m not a fan of limiting visitation to parks, but there comes a time when it is the only practical solution to the crowding problem. I think it is that time, and past, in Yellowstone.

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