POTD: Turner in Yellowstone

POTD: Turner in YellowstoneTurner in Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Know for his dramatically lit seascapes and landscapes, I think J.M.W. Turner would have done equally well in Yellowstone.

Joseph_Mallord_William_Turner_-_Quillebeuf,_at_the_Mouth_of_Seine_-_WGA23172Mouth of the Seine, Quillebeuf
Joseph Mallord William Turner


5 thoughts on “POTD: Turner in Yellowstone”

  1. Nicely done! Love the Turner-esque atmosphere. Was that provided naturally by the dust? Besides the drama it almost seems to harken back to pre-European days in the west when bison filled the prairies.

    1. Thanks Kathy. The original bison shot was a hazy back-lit scene, with the bison grazing in tall yellow grass, giving the image a golden glow. The upper part of the image is mostly attributable to the Turner painting I stole. 🙂 Often driving around Montana I find myself wishing I could see something like what I have often read about in accounts from the 1800’s where people often reported seeing herds of tens of thousands of bison at a time. One such herd was reported to be over twenty miles wide and long!

    2. We were canoeing once on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park and ended up in the middle of a decent size bison herd crossing the river. We came around a blind corner to see them crossing in front of us so we stopped paddling and just watched them. Before we realized it, another part of the herd started crossing behind us. We never felt in danger, they seemed quite intent on getting across the river and ignored us and we were never closer than maybe 50 feet. It was quite amazing though–lots of grunting and snorting coming from the swimming bison.

  2. I, too, wish I could have seen those huge herds of bison roaming the prairies. The closest I’ve come is to be surrounded by smaller herds (while in my car) at the National Bison Range in MT and Custer State Park in SD. If you ever saw the movie Dances with Wolves, you saw a “recreation” of the buffalo herds. From a “making of” film about the movie, the hardest part was not finding natural areas with no hand of man visible, but recording sound without including planes and/or cars!

  3. how cool!!!! 🙂 Even on land the bison were constantly “talking” to each other. There was a continuous low rumbling sound coming from the animals as they constantly moved about and around us.

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