POTD: Bison Abstract

POTD: Bison AbstractBison Abstract
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

With apologies to Ted Waddell.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Bison Abstract”

  1. Cool! Had you seen Waddell’s work before you made your own? I envision elk and mule deer (and possibly antelope) variations on this theme! 😉

    1. Thanks Kathy. I was pretty familiar with Waddell’s work beforehand, and saw the one I referenced, Angus Abstract in the Denver Art Museum earlier this year. Still it was not my intention to go in that direction when I started working on the bison image, it just morphed into that at some point in working with it, trying to separate the bison from the original background of the image. At some point I had the “aha” moment to go in the Waddell direction. proving once again Jim Jarmusch’s assertion that nothing is original. At least that’s true in this case!

    1. Randy, that link only takes you to the geology.com home page for some reason. You know how you tell these modern “petroglyphs” from old petroglyphs? Old ones don’t show receding perspective (at least I don’t recall seeing any that did).

  2. Yeah, I had that issue, too after I posted it. But now it is working. I don’t know if that is the difference between doing it on my phone instead of a computer or what. Anyhow it wasn’t anything unusual, just a photo of that looks like a bunch of antelope/deer/ or mountain goats and some guys on horses.

    1. Allan, it’s hard to tell if that was a compliment or not. I’m going to pretend you also said “…and I really like Waddell’s image.” 🙂

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