POTD: Made You Look #7

POTD: Made You Look #7Made You Look #7 Salt Lake City, Utah 2014

Last one of this series. Nothing special about it but I include it to point out that the particular photo they are looking at, Grenada Street Mashup, was by far the most likely to stop folks at the art show in Salt Lake City. It’s always hard to tell what image is going to attract the most attention at an art show, but what’s really interesting is how location dependent preference is; this photo didn’t attract nearly the same amount of attention at the shows since Salt Lake.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Made You Look #7”

  1. Larry, by location dependent do you mean geographic as in which city you’re in? Or do you mean the image’s location within your booth relative to traffic patterns at the show? I can imagine both being influences.

    1. Kathy, I meant geographic although wall placement obviously matters too; just ask those in sales who fight for the eye level shelves in stores for the products they rep.

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