POTD: Six Pack of Abstracts

POTD: Six Pack of AbstractsSix Pack of Abstracts Billings, Montana 2011

Each one of these broken window panes could be an abstract composition on it’s own; granted, some are more interesting than others. My favorite is the one in the upper left.]]>

6 thoughts on “POTD: Six Pack of Abstracts”

  1. How do you suppose that perfect little circle happened? I assume I am also seeing some reflection of trees in some of the glass that’s left – that adds a lot to the composition. It is a very interesting image.

    1. Thanks Judy. You are right about the trees in the reflection. I’m not sure about that circle, but I have seen glass panes with circles cut in them for pipes or whatever to pass through so perhaps it was something that was purposely cut prior to the more free-form post-occupancy shattering of the glass.

  2. I like this one too! My second favorite frame is bottom center. Did you try cropping in tight to the large window frame itself? And would you consider the current “fad” of dividing this into the 6 individual frames, printing them separately & then hanging as a grid? Not sure I would but just wondering about your preferences. Cool piece! With a nod to Aaron Siskind.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I generally don’t like to crop to odd ratios, although this image might make a good exception. I do like the part of the image outside the window too, although it changes the feel quite a bit over cropping. As far as following the fad and dividing it into six frames, it’s not something I generally thing adds to, and in fact usually distracts from, the composition. But given a commission to do so from someone, then heck yeah, I’d do it. 🙂

  3. Actually both the upper left and upper center show Gabriel blowing his horn in different directions. Tell Judy the perfect circle was caused by a bullet fired by someone with no obvious fear of crime. Her husband could have told her that. (And you thought I wasn’t paying attention to your posts…)

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