POTD: It Was Better Then

POTD: It Was Better ThenIt Was Better Then Bozeman, Montana 2013

The other day I went for a walk right after yet another of our many recent spring snowfalls. It was still, calm and quiet and the fresh snow on the trees was actually quite lovely. I told my wife when I got home how pretty it was but also said it was hard to truly appreciate it given it’s freakin’ April for crying out loud and I’m so over winter for the year. Given the arid location where we live I’d be a fool to complain about precipitation, but this time of year give it to me in the form of rain instead of the white stuff please. I actually took today’s photo back in December when the winter was still young and everyone was expecting, even anticipating the snow to pile up. That made this scene much easier to appreciate visually. Timing it seems really is everything.]]>

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