POTD: Cats Walking Quietly

Cats Walking Quietly Heceta Head, Oregon 2014

Today’s observation on poetry: Carl Sandburg is to fog as Robert Frost is to snow.


5 thoughts on “POTD: Cats Walking Quietly”

  1. EXCELLENT analogy…as well as an evocative photo! Love your work from the seaside! The change of scenery is good for your photography as well as your health (mental & physical, I suspect).

    1. Thanks Kathy and Mary. Mary,another case of great minds thinking alike huh? Do you have a link to your version of it? Kathy, a change of scenery is also great, on a lot of dimensions, including a renewed appreciation of your home environs when you return.

  2. larry! amazing, we both titled our pictures of heceta head lighthouse similarily. i, too, gave credit to carl sandburg and called mine “on little cat feet.” the oregon coast is a wonderful place to shoot, i’m enjoying your views.

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