POTD: Hobbit Beach #3

Hobbit Beach #3 Hobbit Beach, Oregon 2013

A companion piece to the one from yesterday, I guess you could call yesterday’s the big island photo and this is the small island photo–at least the rocks in each photo are islands at certain tide levels. I’m not sure which of the two photos I like best; yesterday’s has the most interesting compositional arrangement but I really like the minimalist red “statement” this one makes.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Hobbit Beach #3”

  1. Larry, these last 2 images seem to be about 2 different things. This one is about the person and yesterday’s is more about the rock since it appears much bigger in the frame than the people. I find that perspective shift interesting (Hobbit Beach #2) because it’s not the usual way people are included in photos. See some of the work of Richard Misrach (sp).

    1. I think both photos could be interpreted as about the relationship between the people and the rocks; in one case the people (person) dominates, in the other the rock. It would actually make an interesting diptych except of course for the different image proportions issue.

  2. I haven’t taken the time to comment on any of your work lately, but just can’t let this one pass. I just love the “minimalist red” on white, combined with the composition. I would imagine that different photographers in the same time & place would have captured a much less spectacular shot.

    1. Thanks Connie, and I think your comment about other photographers taking less spectacular, or at least quite different, images at the same place is certainly true–as evidenced by my Hobbit Beach #2. I like them both but this one has the most striking impact I think.

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