Opus Corvus

Opus: a creative work
Corvus: (zoology) type genus of the family Corvidae that contains crows and ravens

 Crows and ravens are both revered and reviled. They are one of the few avian species to thrive in the presence of man, using intelligence and adaptability to survive. Their feats of sometimes ruthless ingenuity, along with their trickster traits in the pursuit of their goals are nearly unprecedented in the animal world. It is perhaps because these traits remind us uncomfortably of ourselves at times that crows and ravens have earned a significant place in art, literature, and religion over the millennia.  

This collection of photographs illustrate the varied personae of these ignoble yet sublime creatures. Visually, the images run a continuum from nebulous and ephemeral to startlingly graphic. As such, the work acknowledges the varied folklore surrounding these birds, portraying them as central iconic characters but also as the mysterious and darkly surreal inhabitants of a world that exists primarily in our peripheral vision, perhaps as much the stuff of dreams as reality.

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