POTD: The Emigrant

The Emigrant
Clonmacnoise, County Offaly

This statue was meant to depict the desperation that led so many Irish to leave their home country for American during the potato famine and the angst, fear and hardship the trip created despite their hopes for a better life. It really makes you stop and think about what might be motivating immigrants coming into America today, legally or otherwise. How many of them are feeling this way?

POTD: Fairy Tree

Fairy Tree
Slemish Mountain
County Antrim, Ireland

I posted a color photo of this tree the other day showing the brilliant colors of the countryside. By eliminating color this monochrome version allows emphasizes the twisted shape of the tree which I found quite appealing.

I learned yesterday that these trees are called fairy trees because legend has it they have special power. No one will cut one down for fear of bad luck or calamity. Who knew fairies could be so mean!

POTD: Going Off Script

Going Off Script
Slemish Mountain
County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Even though I prefer working in black and white, I deviate into the world of color when the situation demands it. A sunny day in the Irish countryside is a good bet to make that happen. It’s called the Emerald Isle for a good reason, but throw in some bright blue sky and white puffy clouds and color really rules the day.