POTD: Sand in My Shoes

Sand in My Shoes
White Sands National Monument
New Mexico

I was envious of the bugs I saw crawling in the dunes. They seemed much better suited for efficiently traversing the loose sand than humans, and of course they don’t have to worry about sand in their shoes.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Sand in My Shoes”

  1. Allan, I noticed the wind did a good job of depositing bits of sand everywhere, including on my camera. But since my camera is supposedly pretty weather-sealed and I did not switch lens while out photographing, all it seemed to need was a quick dust off with a small brush. I’m glad though I didn’t test the weather seal by dropping the camera in the sand. And of course I don’t understand how a zoom lens can really be that weather sealed with a rotating and extending lens barrel, but it seemed to do the job in this case.

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