POTD: Time to Go

Time to Go
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This was the last photo I took of this bison herd. I wasn’t necessarily done taking photos but this bull seemed to think I should be. To enforce his decision on that he “escorted” me back to the van. Keeping a safe distance from a bison who’s walking in your direction sometimes requires a faster than normal walking pace.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Time to Go”

  1. Yep, they definitely have a marked “comfort zone”! When I was in Yellowstone a few winters ago, I was photographing a lone bison with a 150-600mm lens on a crop sensor camera (i.e. even longer). Some Asian tourists came and stood by me with their cell phones. When the bison started walking toward me, I gathered up my tripod and camera and told the people “time to go”. They did not follow immediately…not sure if it was a language barrier or they weren’t done with photos. Fortunately, no one had an unpleasant encounter that time.

    1. My goal is to always keep my comfort zone bigger than the animal’s. That way I’ll be sure to move soon enough to keep me out of trouble! From a safety standpoint (for oneself anyway) it’s always nice to have some folks like those tourists willing to stand closer than you are.

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